Specialized closing services, contracts and forms can be used from a variety of sources such as the selling broker or dealer. Many boat buyers will use a specialist company like YachtCloser who provides a simple, seamless connection between buyers, sellers, yacht brokers and yacht services. Start here to get your paperwork off to the right start.

First of all, check with your state Department of Motor Vehicles (or whatever agency controls boat sales) to find out what documentation you need to give the buyer. Most agencies have a checklist on their website.

The bill of sale must include a description and hull number, purchase date, price, and the signature of both buyer and seller. Usually, the seller creates this as a simple document, but there are several automobile templates available online that can be easily adapted for boats.

Warranty cards, maintenance records, and any other paperwork should also be handed over at the final sale. And once the deal is final, make sure you cancel your insurance. Some companies will let you date the cancellation back to the actual day of sale, even if you call a few days later.

Boat Sales Documents Required To Complete The Boat Sale.

  • Bill of Sale

  • Title

  • Proof of loan payoff

  • Trailer registration

  • Trailer title

Courtesy documents:

  • Warranty cards

  • Maintenance records

After The Sale:

  • Cancel insurance

  • Remove all ads

NOTE: The above list is intended as a general guide and may not include every document for your specific situation. For a complete list of requirements, check with the state agency that controls boat sales in your area.


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